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College Courses

Community Colleges offer educational opportunities in the public works field. Classes are held throughout the year on campus and online. A certificate or an AA degree will enhance your career opportunities. Here are the Community Colleges that are currently partnering with MSA:

Professional Development

MSA maintains a Training and Education Courses List which offers current training and education courses to meet your needs.

MSA Certificate Program

Public Works Specialist Certification Program – MSA offers a certificate program with 15 online classes offered.


The MSA Conference offers a wide-variety of sessions on the latest topics in public works, as well as the opportunity to meet with numerous exhibitors to discuss new and emerging technology.

Training and Equipment Shows

Local chapters offer regional training every year which focuses on local issues, as well as providing the opportunity to meet local vendors and seeing the latest in the industry.
Check out the current Training and Equipment Shows.

MSA Calendar

The The MSA Master Event Calendar is a collection of the latest meetings, trainings, equipment shows and a host of other events held by chapters throughout the Association.