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Material and Equipment Specifications

The purpose of the Equipment Specifications and Material Specification pages is to simply provide a template for the user to generate specifications. Hopefully the user will not have to reinvent the wheel. An attempt has been made to make the specs as generic as possible.

If a vendor believes they have a spec that is more generic please send the file (in HTML format) via E-mail. Word or Word Perfect file format will be accepted.

If an Public Agency person has specifications they would like to share. Please send them via E-mail and they will get posted as soon as possible.

This is a site that Public Agencies can work together eliminating time spent writing specifications from the ground up. Let’s help each other save precious time. Send the specifications you have already written.

Specification Documents

Aluminum Sign Blanks  |  Backhoe  |  Banding Specifications

Bridge Crew Truck  |  Chip Seal  |  Equipment Trailer  |  4X4 Utility Truck

Cracked Seal

Cleaning and Sealing Cracks/Joints  |  Routing, Cleaning and Sealing Cracks/Joints

Routing, Heat Lancing and Sealing Cracks/Joints  |  Ten Wheel Cab & Chassis with “Reliance” Dump Bed

All of these documents are in the PDF format requiring the Adobe Acrobat Reader.