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Gerard Batista Take the Gavel as 2017 President
Los Angeles/Orange Area Chapter, City of San Gabriel

Gerard Batista – 2017 EBoard President

See article (Message from the President)

At the January Executive Board meeting, the gavel was passed from 2016 E-Board President Carl Valdez, to the new President Gerard Batista, who will serve as the Maintenance Superintendents Association’s leader for 2017. Gerard has moved through all the chairs of the Executive Committee over the past three years, serving as the Vice-President last year.

Gerard is currently a member of the Los Angeles/Orange Area Chapter. He is the Field Operations Manager for the City of San Gabriel.

Gerard has been a member in good standing and on the Board Of Directors of the LA/Orange Chapter since 2005:

  • Served as Director from 2005 to 2011
  • Serving as Education and Scholarship Chair since 2010
  • Served as Interim President from June to December 2011
  • Served as Chapter President in 2012
  • Serving as the LA and Orange Chapter E-Board Rep. since 2012
  • Served as Chapter President in 2014
  • Served as E-Board Treasurer in 2014
  • Served as E-Board Secretary in 2015
  • Served as E-Board Vice President 2016

Adin Selby Elected 2017 Treasurer
North Central Valley Chapter, City of Galt

Adin Selby – 2017 EBoard Treasurer

One of the most important duties of the EBoard Past President’s Committee (PPC) is to interview, evaluate and present their choice for the position of Treasurer to the full EBoard. Following this year’s selection process, the PPC proudly put forth their choice, who was quickly nominated and elected to serve in 2017. The new Treasurer is Adin Selby, Facilities Maintenance Manager for the City of Gault and member of the North Central Valley Chapter. Despite his busy schedule, Adin is enthusiastic about becoming an Executive Board officer.

Despite only thirteen years in Public Works, Adin has rapidly advanced through the ranks and has been recognized by his employer as 2011 City of Gault “Employee of the Year. He has also been named NCVC “Superintendent of the Year” in 2012. He received Association recognition with the presentation of a 2013 Founders Award. Adin was also nominated by his chapter for the Peter Walsh Award in 2016.

Adin has been an MSA member since 2005. He began his chapter service right away. First, serving as chapter treasurer for two years, followed by terms for all board positions, culminating in a two-year term as president in 2010-11. Without skipping a beat, he became a delegate to the Executive Board in 2011.

Randy Carnahan Elected 2016 Treasurer
Central Coast Chapter, Santa Barbara County

2016 Randy Carnahan head shotAt the January 2016 meeting of the MSA Executive Board Randy Carnahan was elected to the position of E-Board Treasurer. Randy started his Public Works career in 1986 with Santa Barbara County in the Central Division as 1 of 5 crew members. Being short staffed allowed him to experience many aspects of road maintenance, from doing the hand work to learning how to operate the Motor Grader. After 9 years Randy was reassigned to the South Coast Maintenance Yard on the Tree Crew. This move gave him the opportunity to learn how to maintain our Urban Forest. It was also his first experience with the “political” scene. Randy states, “I had a great crew leader and he taught me how to interact with the public. He treated everyone with respect but added just enough of a sense of humor to calm down any situation”. Randy was given the opportunity to act as the Crew Leader during a large part of the time, due to his boss’s absence, which was a great experience. During his tenure in the South Coast he was exposed to the MSA and was able to attend a Conference in Ventura as one of the “Orange Shirts”. Randy enjoyed talking with the vendor’s and learning about new things. At the conference he met Bill Peterson from Statewide Safety and Supplies. “I believe he worked for someone else back then but to me he was always with Statewide”. “Bill encouraged me to become more involved and with the support of my Superintendent I attended a few of the Chapter meetings”. Since then Randy has been involved with the MSA ever since. During the same time, he started taking the Caltrans Maintenance Correspondence Courses, which gave him a better understanding of Road Maintenance and what was happening under the surface.

The opportunity to fill a Crew Leader Position became available in 2000, at the North County Road Maintenance Yard, and he jumped at the chance. Don Mason was the Supervisor and Randy had worked with him at the beginning of his career. Don taught him to slow down. Randy said, “I remember one day working on a paving job and he and another crew leader were watching me run back and forth trying to do everything. Don called me over and asked me whether I wanted to be the leader or the worker?.” Randy decided the later and learned to delegate and trust his coworkers. Don gave Randy the encouragement to attend classes through the “Employee University” sponsored by Santa Barbara County. These classes pertained to Leadership and self-improvement. This helped him to advance as a person and in his career. Don was very active in the MSA and encouraged Randy to continue participating with the local chapter. He attended most of the meetings and enjoyed the networking and friendships that he found. Due to a restructuring in the County, Randy was reassigned to the Central Maintenance area as a Maintenance Leader in the field. About a year later an opportunity to go into the office as a Maintenance Staff Leader back in the North County came up. Randy felt he had the required field experience but needed to learn the office side of things to be promoted. He was given that opportunity by Kurt Klucker, his Superintendent. Randy said, “not only was Kurt a great mentor but he was also real involved in MSA.” Randy started making it to every meeting and enjoyed some of the many training classes that were offered.

Bill Petersen had been the Treasurer of the Central Coast Chapter for many years and Randy was asked to take over the position in 2008. Randy said he enjoyed doing it and a couple years later the Chapter combined the Secretary and Treasurer positions and I took on both jobs. In January 2014 he was elected as a representative to the Executive Board. Randy stated, “Here I am now looking forward to the position of Treasurer on the Executive Board. I enjoy new challenges and will do my best in this position and look forward to working my way through the chairs on the Executive Board.”

President Lyle Waite, North Central Valley Chapter, Transfers The Gavel

Outgoing President Lyle Waite transfers the gavel to elected Incoming President Carl Valdez

Outgoing President Lyle Waite transfers the gavel to elected Incoming President Carl Valdez

At the January Executive Board meeting, the gavel was passed from 2015 E-Board President Lyle Waite, to the new President Carl Valdez, who will serve as the Maintenance Superintendents Association’s leader for 2016. Carl has moved through all the chairs of the Executive Committee over the past three years, serving as the Vice-President last year.

Carl is currently a member of the San Francisco Bay area chapter. He is the Streets Manager for the City of Fremont. Prior to moving to the Bay area, Carl worked for the City of Ventura and was very involved with the Ventura chapter. He was on the chapter board for six years. In 2009, Carl was awarded with the Chapter’s Manager of the Year award. He also served as a member of the 2013 Ventura Conference Committee.

After accepting the Presidents gavel, Carl spoke to the Executive Board. He thanked everyone for the honor of being selected as the President. “I assure you this Presidency will not be taken lightly, and I will do all I can do to use my strengths to keep the Association going down the right path”. Carl spoke of his passion for the MSA. He also told the group that he plans to visit every chapter during 2016. He also plans to meet with every Executive Board Committee Chairman and also wants to have a “meaningful conversation” with every board delegate.

Each year, the Presidency is def to lead because it is OUR way of lifeined by some goal, vision, or mission. Whether it is educational, financial, the Conference or membership growth- there is always talk of how we help others. “I want my Presidency to be defined by each of us re-discovering OUR PASSION for the Association”, stated President Valdez.

Carl spoke of using the tools and know-how we already have to continue to improve the MSA. He said that he does not want to be a President that says, “here are your tasks, now make it happen”. He hopes to be a facilitator and someone who will encourage everyone to use their strengths to better an already outstanding organization.

Carl outlined the following items and asked each member to ask yourself “how can I help in these areas and if I can’t, do I know someone who can?

  • Collaboration with other organizations
  • Branding
  • Drawing on resources of your LOCAL Chapter
  • Move forward and maintain momentum
  • Communication WITHIN the Executive Board

“Being a leader is not so much a title, as it is a way of life. Each of us ARE leaders. And we choose to be. No one forces us

In closing, Carl told everyone, “I wasn’t here fifty years ago, I wasn’t even on the E-Board five years ago., but many of you were. So, let’s make 2016 the year that we can all look back on and say, that was the year we all made a difference”.

As Carl travels throughout California and Arizona this year, visiting each chapter, please take the time to get to know him. You will walk away encouraged!

In Memorium Bev Copeland

There is a party in Heaven that started the morning of July 19, 2015 at 7:46 AM.

The First Lady of the MSA has left us to join her Heavenly Father. Bev Copeland turned 80 just a few days ago and has been sick for the past few months. True to her style, Bev chose not to belabor her illness to her many, many friends. Bev was ready to go home to Jesus, knowing she would be welcomed with His open arms. Bev did so in peace and with dignity.

Knowing that Bev and Bill had made the effort to cultivate their relationship with Jesus makes Bev’s passing easier. Now, we mourn our loss, not hers. We mourn the loss of her wisdom, her history, her compassion and her humor.

Bev had a way of encouraging and supporting you, while never accepting anything but your very best. She pushed you like mom. She has served and loved the MSA for decades. Every year, a new E-board President came along, and Bev took on a new project and a new challenge, all while the goal remained the same: to make and keep MSA respectable.

Bev would want us to smile when we speak of her. She would want us to hold Bill and the rest of her family close in our prayers and in our hearts. People from many walks of life, many geographic locations, and many varied backgrounds looked up to Bev. Her memory will live on in the lives of all of those whom she touched. Her love and wisdom will endure for generations.

“Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity.” (Mother Teresa)

Our lives will not be the same without her.

Details of her memorial service will be forthcoming.

In Memorium Bev Copeland